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Time management while planning your wedding or event!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Be Selective with your time.

We can all agree that at times it is extremely difficult to do that we know is best for us. From cleaning out the closet with all those clothing you hardly wear, to finally hitting the gym to get that body goal you put down as this year’s "GOALS". Trust me we get it. Being selective in what you choose to spend your time doing or not doing is so important. It is what either makes or breaks your progress in the long run and it is also what builds momentum.

Be selective in your time and use it wisely because one thing about time is it does not wait for anyone nor does it come back. Be selective in that which you think about because there are only a few things we can control in this world and our mind is defiantly one of them, trust me choosing to be “selective” in all aspects of life helps one out be more driven, prepaid and ready to face whatever life throws to them. So for the next step you make in either planning your dream day please make sure you have trained your brain to be selective a you plan with a clear, happy and intently mind.


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