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Dessert Table Design !

Let's admit that sometimes when we attend events, we anticipate to at least have the cake or dessert! The experience is even better when you favorite is being served. I am a huge critique on baked-goods texture. If I have to chew a cake more than it is "melting" in my mouth then it is usually a no-go for me! I generally judge a wedding or event by 2 things aesthetics and the cake (confession). The cake or pastry has to taste as amazing as it looks!

I also love to indulge in alternatives like chilled dessert wines, especially on a warm spring/summer afternoon. Consider serving this as part of your dessert offering as a light alternative to solids that fill you up. I love the idea of adding complementary berries to my glasses of sweet wine or champagne!

Part of that dessert experience is indulging your eyes with good presentation too. Most of the time desserts are spread (flat) over a table, basic layout. In some cases effort is made to garnish the dessert platters or elevate some of them on fancy dessert stands. I am an advocate for incorporating some effort in your presentation and it does not have to be over the top either. How about a vertical presentation instead?

Given that it is my birthday (month) I had acquired quite a few desserts and thought to curate a small table fit for an intimate private event/gathering. This could be in your home or outside your home for a formal celebration. See more images of this simple dessert presentation on our Instagram page: @faraimachevents!

Additional Tips for you:

  1. Label your desserts (by name) if you can! Cute tent-style cards will do

  2. Incorporate color + coordinate your colors!

  3. Compose your desserts like you would a Painting. Get Artsy!

  4. Select a variety that is realistic to your guest count and dietary preferences

  5. Mix Hot and Cold desserts.

  6. Create a Focal Point, this could be a pretty cake/ sculpted fruit/chocolate fountain

  7. Add Drama.....bold colors, themed not over do it

  8. Beware of temperature sensitive desserts, if they do not hold up well at room-temp maybe have them as "passed" dessert.

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