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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Virtual Happy Hour!

So we have all just been indoctrinated into a whole new level of relating to others from a distance, as if our "individualistic" social culture was not enough! Now enters a new type of relational interaction while isolated, thanks to COVID-19. I like how "Intelligence is Sexy" (a FaceBook Page that I follow) coined this new state of relational existence, "isolation-ship."

Well, we shall not wither in situation-ships like these Isolation-ships. We have "social-engineering" geniuses among us who will ensure we keep some form of "happy"while we stay connected with our friends/family over our favorite adult beverages every now and then. How about a Virtual Happy Hour!

Virtual happy hours should soon be trending, we already have virtual lunch and dinner dates on the rise; so why not? Thanks to video communication tech like ZOOM, we can gather together digitally AND in groups of more than 10...YEY!

One such trend setter of virtual happy hours is a good friend of mine, a DJ & Live entertainment promoter, OneDrum Tau. He is hosting a Virtual Happy Hour on March 27, 2020 @ 5:30pm via Zoom video conferencing. If you want to participate in his event, get the details by following this link : Hoza Friday Virtual Happy Hour

I will be attending that Virtual Happy Hour briefly along with some more friends and my glass of Merlot! If you do decide to host or participate in an event like this; please be of legal age and drink responsibly in the safety of your own home.

Ultimately it is appreciated that we are being socially creative amidst the day to day social distancing challenges while in this COVID19 phase. Let's stay digitally connected and sustain our relations. Focus on what you can control. I hope you are safe and surrounded by love❤


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