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Flower Design For Spring

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Here is another FREE Engage & Learn design session curated for you to try for your home. I have to mention it was my birthday when I filmed this and enjoyed gifting myself some flowers in addition to all the love and support from family and friends. Any year added to your life is a blessing, cherish it, and protect your blessing!

Below is the video session for a low flower arrangement with spring/Easter color inspired colors. The video also includes the flower recipe. I used some flowers from my local grocery store like I did in the previous design session. Keep in mind these flower prices are the retail prices. You may get a better deal at your club store, local flower or farmer's market.

Let's get right into this session:

Thank you for engaging and learning with me! Connect with me with questions about your event design needs. I hope you are safe and surrounded by love❤


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Let’s start designing!


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