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Wedding Themes

Sometimes thinking of the best wedding theme can be a bit tricky. if you hadn’t already known what kind of wedding you want from the start, coming up with a theme might be a greater task. It gets worse especially when you feel that every single person having a wedding is having or picking the same theme as you are. It gets boring. trust us we get it! So we have decided to gather up a few ideas you can toy with so that you have a fabulously happy day. Here are some of our ideas in case you reach a dead-end.


Modern weddings showcase a fresh, fashion-forward aesthetic. If you are a minimalist or fabulously extra, this wedding style is definitely your type. These kinds of weddings are sleek, sophisticated, and refined, typically using unique color palettes, on-trend florals, and classy décor. There are also so many venues that can accommodate this style.

Garden Weddings

A garden wedding, a wedding ceremony or reception which takes place in a garden. These are perfect for couples who have a great love for the outdoors. The styling opportunities for a garden wedding are endless you can literally let your imagination run wild

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