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Wedding Venue Selections Considerations

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Wedding Venue Selections Considerations

Wedding venue selections can be so challenging especially with the climate of our society in this day with C19.However this shouldn’t slow you down especially when it comes to picking your dream venue for one of the biggest day of your life. We have gathered up some tips based on the research we have done to help you pick not only the right place for your day but the ideal place that will cater for all the amazing moments you might want to have for your day and guests.

1.How many guests are attending your wedding?

Taking into account the desired amount of guests you will have might help you cut down on most of your venue finding drama. It is essential for you to have a desired estimated amount this way you cut down on the hour you will spend viewing places that don’t fit your requirements nor do you have to worry about overspending on a space that will hold more people than you desire. This will award you the opportunity to find the right place, right size for the right price.

2.What is included in the venue hire fee?

Finding out all that is included in the venue hire fee is so it allows you to weigh out your options with different spots you might have inquired about. This also helps you cut on unnecessary extra costs in the pursuit of making sure your dream day is amazing.

3.Shortlist Venus in your area that you want to get married in.

You do not always have to go far for the perfect venue, in your area you could at least find a number of beautiful venues you can consider for your big day. This will also help you cut down on travel costs too.

4. Is the Venue available on your Date?

Most important thing to make sure of is that the venue you desire is indeed available on the set date of your dream day. Do not make the rookie mistake of not double checking this otherwise all your planning could easily be done in vain if this is not a top priority consideration.

5.What Overnight accommodation does the venue have?

It is always a great idea to find a place that has accommodation, this allows you to cut the stress of travel up and down to the location and gives you a chance to observe the set up and on goings of the big day and promotes the idea of making last minute changes if necessary.


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