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What will happen to Weddings After Lockdown?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Weddings After Lockdown.

Before the pandemic we knew nothing of “lockdown situations” infect is was something we only saw and heard of in movies, but now it is our reality a situation in the present that we actually have to deal with. As discouraging as this maybe especially to events so beautiful and spectacular such as weddings you feel as though you have been limited to guests and experience HOWEVER!! I say to you FEAR NOT! Weddings after lockdown can still be as blissful as ever. You can still enjoy your dream wedding. Yes! You really still could! The upside to this is it allows you to set a friendly budget, gives you the chance to place value in numbers, so that aunty you’ve never met who hasn’t stopped calling you since your mom said something about the wedding, or the “friend of a friend” can be put on the wait list guilt free. Last but not least I am sure this experience has made you a bit more aware of what is important and what is not. You get to plan your dream day consciously, that’s the beauty of weddings after lockdown, they might not been everything you had envisioned but they will defiantly be everything you needed and planned preciously.

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