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When Self-Care is all you can do!

COVID-19 has literally plastered itself on our television screens, social media platforms, conversations, thoughts and maybe even nightmares!

It is so easy to feel so much anxiety that can trigger paralyzing helplessness when the WHOLE WORLD is in distress like it is now. #STAYHOME is the current best defense response we have to suppress the spread of the virus as directed by our health officials.

Well, now here we are, having to adapt to staying put and doing all we can to stay in good spirits and frankly being hyper-focused on our health. I picked up on a few "decently logical" tips on self-care as I learnt more about this virus. I am sharing one easy self-care tip I learnt about and of-course in addition to all the self-care directives issued by our health officials. Please share your self-care tips too in the comments & no-unnecessary scares please ;).


Drink warm water, and drink it often (every 15min). Why? To wash down your throat given the information that the virus will lodge itself there (your throat) and eventually mix with your nasal fluids which then enables it to make its way to your lungs.

So what does washing it it down your throat do? The virus can not survive your acidic stomach, so better there than in your lungs.

Why warm water, why not cold water or room temperature water? Most viruses are susceptible to high temperatures. In this case COVID_19 is claimed not survive past 26 Degrees C/ 78.8 Degrees F. "Hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are frequently served at temperatures between 160 Degrees F (71.1 degrees C) and 185 Degrees F (85 Degrees C). An optimal drinking temperature is approximately 136 degrees F (57.8 degrees C)." Reference

Well I love tea, so for me I will be adopting the warm/hot water idea in form of my favorite beverage, +add lemon & ginger to boost my immune system!

More TIPS:

Well, when you are home you may occasionally, like me, need to step-out for basic supplies or when you get the,"oops I forgot something else" moment. Most of us, me especially, were not stocked up at home with supplies in anticipation of this curve-ball of an international emergency! So, we have the imperative prevention tips issued by the CDC and other health organizations. We should all know them so well we can recite them in our deepest sleep. I love GOOGLE's version called "DO the Five"

  • HANDS Wash them often

  • ELBOW Cough into it

  • FACE Don't touch it

  • SPACE Keep safe distance

  • HOME Stay if you can

While we wait impatiently to pass through this tough phase with the rest of the world, I hope that you are safe and you are surrounded by love❤.

Share your thoughts...let's chat.

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