Your "WHY" in Business Matters!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

When you understand why you take on a project, job, business venture, relationship or partnership then you will be able to navigate whether you will succeed or unfortunately fail. Your reason why is embedded in your intent that also feeds into your objectives and creates a purpose blueprint that is critical in the success as well as longevity of what you are trying to accomplish: a business, partnership...etc!

Developing your "WHY"

  1. Intent vs. Objective: Intentions are very subjective and personal. However, your intent has a huge impact on how you plan and accomplish your objectives .Your objectives are actionable goals you set to achieve within a certain amount of time in order to satisfy a need or want. What is intention? Generally, "Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought" reference. When your intentions are positioned to not only to benefit you but to also benefit those that are impacted by your actions/ objectives/ goals, you will most likely build a sustainable business that can also set a positive connection with the community you seek to operate in or to serve.

  2. Aligning your intent with objectives you can monetize: You can fine tune your intentions into a purpose blueprint. Purpose blue print? well you can draft one by answering what service or product are you providing and what purpose does it serve? It does not have to me something dramatic over the top. It can be as simple as adding a moment of joy to your client's day or facilitating easy access to existing resources that your client needs or wants. In my case I started out with "transforming spaces to create beautiful event experiences for my client and their guests," as my purpose form which I had to specify what "transforming spaces" means and what "beautiful experiences" means,then I built my service objectives around that. Your behavior has to align or match with your intention/purpose blueprint in order to stay focused, stay motivated and have a clear path to accomplishing your business goals. This also mean asking yourself whether your to-do-list /goals and service offerings will actually fulfill the purpose blueprint and meet your clients need and wants. Your clients are your best critiques, let them tell you if you are in-fact aligned with your business purpose blueprint. This is a great continuous improvement resource for your business. The same goes with relationships and partnerships, do your purpose blueprints align, or do they at least complement each other cohesively?

  3. Your "Why" as a mission statement: incorporating your "why" purpose blueprint into you mission statement can be really powerful because it serves as a standard not just for you to maintain in you business operations; but a standard for your clients to expect and trust. Company statement communicate your "purpose blueprint" as the heart of your company/business. This is an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with your clientele beyond the monetary transactions. Your mission statement will also set the tone for your business or company culture. What you need to draft your mission statement: what you do, how you do it, for whom and what value it brings.

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