This package will be valued at $3750*** with standard 30% deposit of $1125

Limited Packages available!


You asked for an all inclusive wedding package that included flowers, decor with rentals, set- up and breakdown, here it is. We absolutely love weddings too! So dear brides, grooms and wedding planners, here is a package carefully curated for you!  Delivery, Set up and removal is included locally. Long distance or out of state orders will incur additonal delivery charges. Please contact us.


Design and Styling 

  • 3 appointments from date of booking to final staging
  • up to 3 design proposal drafts
  • 1  Sample Table set up for guest tables design
  • Venue walk though as part of your appointments (for local venues) we can to vritual appotinemt for long-distance clients
  • Unlimited communication via phone or email


Bridal Party Flowers

  • 1 Luxe Bridal bouquet
  • Up to 9 Bridesmainds bouquets
  • up to 9 Boutonnieres
  • 1 Toss Bouquet


Ceremony (proximity to reception conditions apply)**

  • Option 1 Styled Backdrop with white draping (add $ for flowers)
  • Option 2  Floral arrangements (with option for risers)
  • Option 3 Styled Chuppa with White draping (add $ for flowers)


Reception Luxury Linen


  • 15 table linen
  • 1 sweet heart linen
  • 1 cake table linen
  • option to add 150 linen napkins*
  • Linen fabric options include : Sequin, Rosette, Embroidered Taffeta, Shantung, Chain-lace, Petal and more


Reception Centerpieces for 15 guest tables 

  • Option 1: Assorted candle light designs (tall/ medium/low options)
  • Option 2: Low floral arrangements (below eye level)


Reception for Sweetheart table

  • 1 backdrop (styled draping)
  • Option 1: Cascading floating candles at table (on table/ or foot of table)
  • Option 2: 1 Low floral arrangement


Delivery, Set-up and Breakdown Included.


Your current purchase price is the deposit price, not the final price of the whole package. You will receive a link with your detailed order and final price for whole package after you place this deposit.



The Wedding Package for 150

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    Adorned Occasion and Farai Machina Events Contract Terms

    30% of contract value due on date of booking

    70% of contract value due 14 days before booked event

    Rental terms and conditions


    Client will receive at minimum 30 minutes to 1 hour of consultation time through the duration of the contract or up to event date. Additional time will be allocated to booked clients only. 1 venue walk through were feasible (this can be in person or video-call and or including event space blue-prints and images) for new all clients. 1 event proposal for new clients, additional revisions will be for booked clients only.

    Booked Clients will receive at list 1 design mock up per event per contract. Design mock-ups or sample requests prior to deposit being paid by client will be done at the discretion of Adorned occasions or Farai Machina Events.  Silk-flowers will be used for demos were needed, fresh flowers can be used for a nominal fee. 

    Mock-up requested to mimic actual set-up; before a deposit is paid will be assessed a fee based on cost of all materials. Unique items not in our inventory will incur a procurement cost for any mock up with booked client.

    Setups & Breakdowns:

    Client will ensure requested time frames are given to Adorned Occasions or Farai Machina Events to set up and breakdown the event decor provided by Adorned Occasions and Farai Machina events unless otherwise noted in writing and approved by Adorned Occasions and Farai Machina events.


    · We charge a deposit of 30% of the total rental amount at the time of reservation.

    · Reservations are finalized when a copy of these Terms and Conditions is signed and the deposit is paid.

    · The paid deposit reserves each rental item for your designated date. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to event date.

    · If client cancels their order earlier than 30 days prior to client’s event, we will refund any paid balance less the 30% deposit.

    If client cancels later than 30 days prior their event, we will refund 50% of any paid balance less the 30% deposit.

    · Once items are picked up or delivered, the rental charges will apply, whether the items are used or not.

    · We may not be able to accommodate order changes made less than two weeks prior to the date of pickup or delivery.

    · We recommend that all candles be used in containers to prevent wax spillage or burning of rented linens.

    Linens returned with wax residue will incur a $10.00 cleaning charge per item.

    · Each order that is being picked up by the client will have been counted and checked for accuracy. You will be asked to sign a receipt of rental. The return date will be noted on the receipt. When client returns the rented linens, we will count them to ensure all items are returned and not damaged.

    · Clients also agree that if these fees/charges are disputed these charges result in a chargeback. Client will be charged an administrative fee of $40.00 for the cost of supplying the documentation to the credit card company in order to dispute claim at future date.

    · The linen will not be shipped or given to client until full payment is received. By making a payment, the customer agrees to the terms within this contract


    When client returns rental items that Adorned Occasions or Farai Machina did not pick up we will check the items and you will be notified by phone of any missing or damaged items within seven (7) days. Adorned Occasions LLC will notify client within one week of the event if damages are discovered, or items are found to be missing upon sorting, laundering and counting. Photos of damages will be submitted as proof upon request. If damaged items are not paid for within 7 days, the credit card on file will be billed, unless payment arrangements have been setup with the owner.


    If items are returned late, the client will be charged for an additional day. If items are not returned within three days and customer is not able to be reached, replacement fees will be assessed and charged to the credit card on file. Communication is important.


    · By making a payment, placing orders, or receiving products, the client agrees to the terms within this contract. Any amendments to the contract must be made in writing.

    · The Client acknowledges that he/she will personally inspect any shipped or delivered rental items for any defects and notify Adorned Occasions, LLC. Within 24 hours of delivery.

    · The Client acknowledges that the rental items are “laundered products” and are being rented on an “as is” basis, and there may be slight imperfections or wear from prior use.

    · Slight variations may occur in both embroidery stitching and fabric color dye lots.

    · There is no warranty that the rental items are free of any defects. There are no warranties of fitness, either expressed or implied.

    · It's The Client’s responsibility to confirm if the products that are being rented are the correct design/color/size, and that it would fit the chairs and tables at the venue.

    · No refund or discount will be issued for sizing issues after items have been delivered.

    · No refund or discount will be issued for unused items.

    · Client is responsible for verifying that you are receiving the correct number of linens, we usually have an invoice indicating the amount of linen/items rented.

    · The Client is responsible to notify Adorned Occasions, LLC. of any changes to original order including address, shipping information, phone number, final counts on rented items, and any changes to the current billing address, and phone number after the event date.

    · Every effort is made to fill client’s order exactly as requested. If circumstances prevent Adorned Occasions, LLC. From doing so, Adorned Occasions, LLC. Reserves the right to upgrade the quality or find a substitute product. In the unlikely event that Adorned Occasions, LLC. Is unable to provide the rental service/delivery due to illness, injury, weather, power outages, delivery delays, acts of God, and/or other unforeseen circumstances beyond Adorned Occasions, LLC. Control, Adorned Occasions, LLC., shall refer The Client to another replacement rental or design company. Adorned Occasions, LLC. will work in good faith to find the best replacement Rental Service Company possible for the rental needs. If such a situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all fees received for the rental service.

    Adorned Occasions, LLC. has the right to refuse service or cancel an order for any reason without liability.

    Customer and or the Client agree to transfer jurisdiction to the laws of the State Of Missouri and the State of North Caroline for dispute resolution. All Sales are Final.

    · All rented items should be returned free of wax, food, debris and sashes separated and untied from chair covers. Laundering and Folding not required.

    · If "Delivery/Setup/Breakdown" service is selected, Adorned Occasions, LLC. will start Breakdown service the next day after the end of event for a fee, as per “EVENT TIMINGS” mentioned in the contract unless otherwise noted.

    · All floral arrangement, trash, food and decorations of any kind should be removed from rental equipment before scheduled pickup.

    · The Client shall be responsible for all loss or damage to rented items from the time of delivery to and/or return of rented items to Adorned Occasions, LLC. The Client agrees to pay for any damages beyond repair to or loss of items, regardless of cause, except for reasonable wear.

    Damaged/Lost items will be charged to and paid for by credit card on file.

    · All rentals are for one day only unless stated otherwise in the contract. The Client agrees to return and/or ship the rented items the next business day following the event to Adorned Occasions, LLC. The Client agrees to late fees at the rate of 10% of the total rental cost per day for rental items returned late. The Client authorizes any late fees to be charged on the credit card that's on file unless delivered and picked up by Adorned Occasions or Farai Machina events.

    · All cancellations must be dated and received by Adorned Occasions, writing for it to be a valid cancellation. All Deposits are nonrefundable. In the event a death occurs in a family and the event is postponed indefinitely.

     The Client has 30day grace period prior to event date to reschedule the event. After the 30days, all the Retainer Fees less the deposit will be forfeited and reservation removed.

    · Client agrees to pay attorney fees, collection fees, court cost and any other expenses we might incur in the collecting of any charges under this agreement, or in regaining possession of the rental items or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this agreement.

    · This Terms and Conditions agreement represents our entire contract, and there are no collateral, oral, or other agreements outstanding.

    · We do not set up the tables or chairs unless it is on client’s contract with the additional fees.


    Photos will be taken of our decorations set up at your venues after delivery/set up for our website and marketing purposes only.

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