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How to make your wedding more Interactive?

Weddings, a beautiful event that brings two people together with love and not only does it bring the two love birds together but it merges family and friends and just brings so much joy to the people who attend and love you. Its therefore important for you to always make sure that you are making them feel extremely special.

Creating a way in which your loved ones can interact is definitely an import element you can Input to your event, because we love to give your ideas on this blog and we have come up with a few ideas you could make sure your impalement to insure a love day for not just yourself buy your guests as well.

Build Your Own –Bars

Creating stations that allow people to create their own snacks…Yes think about it. A station that allows individuals to build their own snacks as they mingle with friends and family. Creating an atmosphere of laughter, enjoyment and a chance to actually allow your guests to break the ice and speak to each other. The snacks you can use for this can be Cupcake decorations, Ice Cream Sundaes and even pretzels. You could even challenge everyone to decorate a favorite snack of Your options are defiantly not limited.

Quiz Games

Break your guests up in groups, make sure to mix everyone up to ensure everyone socializes and have a quiz where those who love you can take turns guessing questions about you as an individual or a couple. These kind of games always have the crowd going and the beauty of them is that they allow you to share more about yourself to your new family and loved ones. Everyone will leave the place feeling like they know you a lot more and there is absolutely nothing that feels better than that.

Bring Out the Inner Foodies

Food always makes people happy. LIKE ALWAYS anywhere where there is good food you find a lot of happy faces, to keep your guests fully involved try adding really cool and food charts and Cheese boards during your cocktail hour. I can already see the foodies taking really amazing pictures for the gram! Sweet or savory there are many ways you can make sure your people are happy!

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